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Welcome To Diamond Earthmovers

Residential and Commercial Demolition, Excavation and Earthscaping Specialists

Trusted Residential and Commercial Demolition Expert.

This is why we are the demolition specialists that Melbourne trusts. With Diamond Earthmovers, you will get to enjoy the benefits of our:

  • A fully structured plan that meets your project requirements
  • Latest technology and equipment that can handle all types of demolition and excavation projects and developments
  • Environmentally conscious with links to recycling landfills and stations across Melbourne
  • Specialists in residential demolition and house demolition projects
  • Can also handle commercial and building developments
  • Focused and professional team that is dedicated to delivering
  • Following the safety procedures of WorkSafe to ensure a smooth process
  • Will be with you from the start to finish of every project

Feel free to call our our demolition expert in Melboure 0404 497 971

Demolition done wrong
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