Types of Demolitions

Types of Demolitions


Whether you are planning to developing a new house or thinking about creating a business venture, demolitions are the best way to get your new property off the ground. With the latest state of the art equipment and demolition techniques, you can get your old property completed flatten (or the section you want removed) before going ahead with your own personal project.

But you have to be prepared to know that there are different types of demolitions available. Each demolition job is different, so each demolition option is catered to suit certain properties and projects, and it is important to define which type of demolition suits your future plans.

These types of demolitions include:

  • Domestic or Residential Demolitions.

    Homeowners might have a host of reasons for demolishing their homes, including looking to build a new place, or renovating a new section of their home. Most of the time, renovations might cost more than demolishing and building a new home from the start. This type of service is available for all types of residential demolition properties across Melbourne, including the likes of homes, apartments, complexes, units and mansions. Careful planning is required to ensure that no surrounding properties are affected during the process.

  • Industrial Demolitions.

    When it comes to demolishing industrial areas or buildings, it takes a certain approach to ensure that everything is completed safely and securely. With the likes of heavy equipment, chemical areas and large items, the demolition experts have to take their time to ensure that everything is demolished in a safe manner, guaranteeing that there are no issues.

  • Commercial Demolition.

    When it comes to starting off your business or commercial enterprise with a fresh start, getting a commercial demolition job can be the difference. Careful considerations are taken onboard to ensure that no surrounding businesses are affected during this process. This is important because businesses are always in dense areas areas, such as shopping centres and in the CBD.

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