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Demolition Cost in Melbourne

Demolition is an incredible intricate process, particularly in residential areas where multiple safety aspects need to be addressed. At Diamond Earthmovers we guarantee an efficient, professional service that will complete your project without inflating your budget.

In our costing we consider the best process for your requirements as well as addressing all health and safety and environmental issues.
 Our costing is completely personalised and based on your individual job in Melbourne. Therefore you know that you are paying only for what you need. Here are a few factors that we consider when assessing your quote:

  • Size of the job; one storey, two storey, size of plot that needs to be demolished.
  • Environment; this can affect the level of dexterity needed and therefore the time commitment.
  • Nature of material to be removed. This can affect the time required for the job.
  • Man power necessary for your project to get the quickest result. Obviously the larger the project the longer it can take. At Diamond Earthmovers we will give you the quickest house demolition service and give you the workforce needed to get the job done asap.

To get your quote today, fill in the form on the right. Remember to be as accurate as possible to ensure the correct quote.

We services all over victoria including these suburbs:

Kilmore, Wallan, Hidden Valley, Seymour, Wandong, Beveridge, Whittlesea, Lancefield, Kinglake, Craigieburn Broadford, Northern suburbs